Are you someone who loves adorning pieces of jewellery who have their own story? Do You love investing in statement pieces which don’t go or come with fashion?

Then you are just like me !!

Hello and welcome to my blog and this blogpost is dedicated to all the lovely people who love traditional and hand crafted jewellery. I always loved Jewellery which reflects freedom and passion in its style. The jewellery should be pocket friendly and could be flaunted effortlessly without being committed to a single outfit or attire. Then I found @adritiloomandcrafts – A Tale of  Handcrafted  Traditions ❤

Now, Let’s talk about the jewellery I have Worn from Adritiloomsandcrafts

Here in this picture I  am wearing this Beautiful Afghani long Necklace (Haar). Today Afghani jewellery is adorned not only by Afghani women but it’s a trendsetter, and believe me it is loved and styled by almost every women in this world. You can mix n match it with any outfit as it is completely versatile in nature.

In the Second  Picture I am wearing a beautiful Traditional Necklace from @adritisloomandcrafts as a mathapatti. One can create multiple looks with each of these jewellery from Aditri. This Neckpiece is made of Pure Silver and I loved the design and finishing.

Aditri is a platform to showcase the rich cultural diversity of India, its traditions, design ethos and aesthetics in sync with contemporary India.

Now in this picture I am wearing a gorgeous pair of earrings from @adritiloomandcrafts which are made of Pure Silver and are light in weight. The designing and details of there products showcases how Adriti’s believe in personal touch. Each creation is handmade, and are sourced from artisans across different states of India. They curate unique collections that resonate with their philosophy of keeping ‘real things in life alive.

In this picture I am wearing this Beautiful Bangle from @adritiloomsandcrafts, this design is also called pacheli design. This silver bangle is totally a piece of art, so simple yet so classy.

Now this one is my Favorite from among all, this is called Hansli – It is Actually like an Anklet, but as Anklet is worn on both the legs, Hansli is a tribal jewellery worn on a single leg and mostly worn by tribal women. A piece made of silver, totally handcrafted by the local artisans.



So, I just loved the Jewellery pieces from @adritiloomsandcrafts and specially the detailing and finishing is one to die for. I appreciate their Hard work and Honesty of Giving the best to their Consumers with a Price which will not make a hole in their pockets.

About the Brand – Adritiloomsandcrafts

-Aditri: A Sanskrit name for Goddess Lakshmi symbolising prosperity, wealth, creativity & elegance. They are a lifestyle e-commerce company. They seek to celebrate the modern Indian woman, the harmoniser – It is also their endeavour to empower the craftsmen, the artists and the creators of these arts to showcase their talents.

They believe in creating stories…..”A world of Aditri”

Definitely you should check out Adritiloomsandcrafts Website as they have some amazing and unique collection with an affordable price Range catering to everyone’s needs.Below the Link is Given Do Click the link for more Info

Buying Jewellery at Adritiloomsandcrafts – what are my thoughts?

I Love Jewelley as any other women in the world, but I am more at Mixing and Matching jewellery. I loved Adriti’s Collection as they give you plethora of option to choose from and definitely the Quality is what I seek for, I am total satisfied with their product  quality and finishing .The three Things which I keep in mind while buying jewelery are 1) Design & Detailing ; 2) Quality ; 3) Affordable Range. Adriti Outstand all the three given points which is why I recommend Adritiloomsandcrafts.

Between Do let me know if You want Me to WRITE MY NEXT BLOG POST ABOUT BUYING JEWELLERY ONLINE – THIS WOULD BE A NICE TOPIC TO COVER UP:) and which jewellery piece you like the most .

Thats all for this time, I am coming up soon with more interesting Blog posts. Till then Do like and Comment and let me know your Feedback.

Thank you so much




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I love the blue vibes and the way you have flaunted it beautifully. The afgani designs are trending now. Loved your neckpiece. Such an amazing post

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