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    Welcome back to my Blog and this time I am thrilled to share my Live Experience of theatrical act by Sharman Joshi and Tejashri Pradhan named “Main aur Tum”

The name itself gives a definite impression about what the story is all about, but I am here sharing my experience and brief narration about the story.  The story revoloves around two happily settled and married person played by Sharman joshi & Tejaswini who accidentally met at an Ashram’s Cottage where they ended by spending n sleeping the night together.

The next morning when they woke up and realised what happened last night, they were shocked firstly and then realised that they had mixed emotion of last night. They both felt attracted towards each other and disloyal towards there partners.

So with a promise of meeting every year at the same cottage and same time for a weekend together without disturbing their ongoing married life they kept on meeting each other for Twenty Four Years. These passing years, everytime they used to come to meet each other and used to discuss about their partners and ongoing issues of life, they found a sense of satisfaction and comfort in their relation. And along with this a feeling filled with some guilt of cheating their partners. But it is said that law of attraction is always on a higher side things kept on rolling. Years passed but they were going consistent with their relation. They used to meet, spend time together and used to share and confront about the good and bad things about their spouses and their lives.


As Times passed by,  they become grand parents but still the compassion was alive between them. They used to help each other in their own struggles and crisis in life. Even after their spouses were not alive , they were still holding and supporting each other. This theartical Act was Really a teaching experience of Life. This Act showed the Unseen ,unknown things about a Relation which is termed as an Extra Marital Affair in our Society.

I want to Thank @vodafoneindia for giving me this oppurtunnity to Experience something like dis,and thats all for today’s blog – i hope you like it and i m looking forward for your lovely Comments.

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