Travelling is Always Fun ….Travelling to Kashiwishwanath Brought up a pleasant Experience & refreshment in my life…

Hello People, Welcome Back to my Blog and this time I HV penned my Experience of Visiting #kashivishwanath ..Yes ..If You are following me on my social media you must be aware of my Recent one Day Trip to KashiVishwanath …The Beauty n Simplicity of the place has made me go awestruck simply ..I am glad that I landed up there for a day outing with Family …

About KashiVishwanath

KashiVishwanath is  named after Lord Shiva, Basically known as Mahadev, om namah shivaay. This Temple has a big statue of Lord Shiva and every morning and evening the priest worships lord Shiva, Maha aarti happens in the evening at 7pm.

The place has been well maintained with discpline which is really impressive, Everywhere it’s surrounded by beautiful plants and flower garden which is Soothing to one’s eyes & Definitely it calms your heart. The place was maintained by the Seva Samiti (Trust), So the charges were nominal.

For Stay, there are Bunglows which have rest rooms and washroom. The washroom was clean but not that  good. Booking of the place needs to be done in prior for a hassle free stay Experience .

You don’t have to carry along any food, as Food facility is available there. The food is really Delicious and served really nicely. From breakfast to lunch to evening snacks we just loved the food as it tasted well. Frankly speaking a food is something which makes your experience to any place good or bad…this is something which is must when you travel.

There is big place available for car parking too

Apart from the statue of Lord Shiva, a very big and giant statue of Lord Hanuman was there at the back side garden area. As you could see in the pictures it was so beautiful shining bright.

In the garden there where sliding and some more fun things were for the kids.

My Experience

We Moved from our house around 8:30 am in the morning after having our breakfast (that was pretty late though) The weather was really cool as  It was drizzling all through the way and till we reached there. .lt took one and half hour for us to reach Saanjh my baby was really excited gazing through the window and listening to her favorite music tracks. So almost everyone reached there by themselve, we were around 24 in total.

We went in a big group &  we played lots of fun games their from outdoor games to indoor Games like Tambola, Antakshari , Roomaalchor etc

Yes Definitely we clicked lots of pics as the ambience  was really beautiful with everything so colorful,lively and pleasant.The whole atmosphere was mesmerizing , drizzling all through, We laughed,played ate had so much Fun and left the place around 4pm in the evening.Yes we came back with Memories which were really beautiful and will be cherished all through our life.

Location : KashiVishwanath Temple West Bengal

Duration : 1.30 min oneway

Cost/ Expenses : 400 for Food per person Experience Rating : ****

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Beautifly written piece. I got a perfect insight into the holy city’s nitty gritty’s through a traveller’s eyes.


Amazing destination to explore. Very useful info of the place. Very well written and great thoughts.


My parents visited this place and loved it. After reading your blog, I also want to visit it as well.


Place look so vibrant,clean and peaceful. I will visit this place in my next vacation.


Heard a lot about this mesmerising place… loved ur post and the beautiful pictures


Looks like you found an ideal place for yourself for a quick getaway. the place looks lovely!


Such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience here. Will plan visiting here 🙂

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