Tips: Small living room and Small Space design Ideas
There is a very common saying – ‘There is no other place in this whole world like Home’. There are many factors that contribute to this in-depth feeling and it is these feelings that make a House, a Home. Along with the members who stay at home & look forward to you returning home with a bright smile, the aura is created by the interiors in the home is what brings those homely feelings alive. Hence, it is very important to hire the best and qualified interior decorators & designers for the job of interior design & decoration for your home/office.

Today we have a look at some of the important design tips that would help you in planning of interior design for small spaces
Hire an experienced Interior Designer/Decorator
There is a myth in the minds of people that hiring an interior decorator for planning and designing your dream home/office would be a costly affair. An experienced interior designer will have a well-rounded experience in executing such kind of work and that would be helpful in selecting design that would suit your requirements.

This would also eliminate the need to be dependent on the local carpenters who are not reliable and do not have a deep rooted design experience. In a nutshell, it always advisable to get the interior work done by experienced interior decorators for small space interior design.

Design is a mix of ‘Style’ & ‘Substance’
Unlikeclothing which is an individual’s choice, planning for interior decoration is never one person’s choice since it requires consent as well as approval from other individuals living in the house and it is very likely that each of them would have their own taste.

You  should choose colors for your sofa, beds and other interiors based on your style quotient and the person’s characteristics living in that room. For example – In case of designing your kid’s room, you can use colors that are more soothing to his eyes and interiors that are gentle so that (s)he does not get hurt while playing.

Go Green
While designing your every room, ensure that you have space for plants so that you can accessorize your space and also make it more trendy. In the era where there is a constant debate about the implications of global warming on the climate, plants in your home would help in purification of the air and also balance the humidity.

In fact, it is highly recommended that you should have ‘Plants’ in your design planning phase so that you do not miss it out when you are actually proceeding with the design work.

Make place for bookshelves

Books are a great source of inspiration and that is why you should have always have space for library and paint it with vibrant colors since it re-energizes the room. It can also be an ideal hanging-out place where you can spend long number of hours reading books and gain knowledge.

You can use decorative wallpapers for the walls in the room, something that makes the room livelier. In case your kids also use the same room, you can also stick some decals and stickers on the wall so that you can teach your kids in a playful manner.

Design kitchen with all the love and warmth

In a country like India, kitchen is not only a place where food is cooked but it also a place where relations are made. Just imagine a situation where you have relatives/friends coming into your house; kitchen is the most ideal place where ladies (as well as gents) can mingle while they serve food to guests.

Hence, it is necessary that the kitchen is spacious and the space is utilized in an efficient manner, either via usage of L-shaped kitchens/modular kitchens, etc. You need to take relevant inputs from your interior decorator since they would have worked on different kitchen ideas for their clients. In a nutshell, ensure that you have a healthy & spacious kitchen.
Do share some of your interior design ideas in the comments section…

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I think these tips woukd be helpful for most of us as day by day spaces are becoming confined and we need to know how to make the best use of it.


These are some really interesting tips. I agree in the interior decorator part. They make smallest of place look so happy and vibrant.


Very useful tips for a person staying in Mumbai like me, where space is always a constraint. Thank you for sharing 😊

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