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Let me tell you something, My today’s blog post is all about vodafone aagomoni. An event hosted by Vodafone since 18years and this is a culutral music extravaganza held on the start of the auspicious day of #mahalaya.

An amazing way to welcome the goddess Durga, and as we all know #durgapuja is most awaited festival of kolkata, not only for the bengalis, even  the non bengalis too await for it’s arrival.

           This year I got a chance to attend this highly awaited musical extravaganza held on 7th October at Science City Auditorium, kolkata, And to mark this event as one of the biggest and memorable event, Famous Celebrities and Talented Versatile artists like – Hari Haran, Rituparna Sengupta, Rupankar Bagchi, Koneeica Banerjee, Bikram Ghosh, Lopamundra, Debyajyoti Mishra & Subhamita were present and they even gave Spectacular Live performances that left the viewers speechless.

At the #VodafoneAagomoni Event

The Event started with a Traditional Custom of lamp lightning at 7:30 pm and was done by  Shivan Bhargava – The Business Head of Kolkata and East Zone ( Vodafone Idea), the leading Lady of tollywood cinemas – Rituparna Sengupta and the Supremely Talented Hari Haran ji.

After lamp lightning, the Dhaakis performed a welcome dance and the sound of the dhaake dhol was simply mesmerizing which was followed by the amazing awestruck performances of the eminent artists and Celebrities present there and it was a delight to watch them performing live, Specially Hari Haranji – I am simply in love with his songs.

Even a very entertaining guest was present there – Do you know who or can you guess .?? Alright ! Let me introduce you to “BUDDY” – 

Vodafone aagomoni

Vodafone introduced “BUDDY” – who is a robot and was present there to entertain the guest at vodofone aagomoni event. Vodafone has always been ahead of it’s Service to bring something new and different and this time it’s a robot, and it’s a first of it’s kind in the Indian Telecom industry. Through buddy they aim to provide a hassle free and an amazing brand experience to it’s users.

I am so glad and thankful to Vodafone for giving me this opportunity to attend this memorable night and experience such melodious performances and music.

The culutral event #vodafoneaagomoni ended with the start of mahalaya and left such beautiful memories to cherish back, I am looking forward to experience it again coming year .

So here comes my today’s blog post #vodafoneaagomni comes to it’s end.

I hope you loved reading it as much as I loved Experiencing it .

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looks like a lovely culture show. I can imagine that all of West Bengal and Bengalis from all over would be tuning in to watch the performances


This vodafone event looks so nice. It seems u had a great time. Hope we also get a chance to witness it.


This event look like amazing ,hope you have an great time there..loved the bengali outfit of the performance

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